A partner
for the
long haul

The virtual truckload carrier powered by data, experts, and bots.

to the
Supply Chain

We believe that trust is earned, through performance, over time. It's built on a foundation of open communication, reliability, and collaboration.

Relationship Based.
Technology Driven.

CoLane provides a dedicated team,
plus superpowered assistant Archie.

It's not about the toolkit, it's about what you do with it. Our team uses Archie + TruckMatch™️ to stay solution focused for your supply chain.

Without Disruption

Don’t overhaul your system, we’ll come to you.

We don't believe in "one size fits all" technology, or forcing you to download an app. Whether you use email and spreadsheets or a TMS and EDI, we've built automation for that.

Our Promise


We find quality carriers for shippers that value collaboration.


We'll have a truck there everytime. We match with consistent carriers, so your team will see a familiar face.


Trust is about more than when things go right.

Quality Through Data

Introducing TruckMatch™

Sourcing carriers can be like needle in a haystack.
We’ve profiled 492,000 carriers so you dont have to.

Research + Insights

At CoLane we're constantly learning - from our customers, our team, and the industry at large. We do our best to surface those insights and share them with you!

We've been featured and quoted in publications like FreightWaves, Transport Topics, Forbes, and more. We're open to case studies with customers, carriers, academics alike.


CoLane is the virtual truckload carrier powered by data, experts, and bots. You could also call us a freight broker. CoLane provides a dedicated customer team, plus our superpowered assistant, Archie. We leverage Archie + TruckMatch to stay solution focused on your supply chain.