Read about CoLane's next chapter: Finding Focus
2 min read by Parker Holcomb

Finding Focus

Over the past three years CoLane has been building a team, business, and product at the intersection of transportation and technology. We co-located our engineers and freight brokerage staff under one roof so that we could solve each other's problems - brokers need automation, and engineers need subject matter experts.

We built our virtual assistant, Archie, to automate as much of the process as possible with a light "no integration" philosophy. We had some great wins and we learned a ton from each other – but we lost focus and tried to do too much.

So often in the tech community we talk about team, product market fit, vision, tech stack, and runway. But what we have learned over the past three years that the most precious resource out there is focus. If you're focused on everything, you're focused on nothing. If you say yes to too much, you'll never be exceptional at what you do.

Last week we made the incredibly difficult decision to sunset our freight brokerage operations and focus exclusively on developing transportation technology. That means we had say goodbye to the team, customers, and carriers that have been so good to us. We are incredibly grateful for all the lessons we've learned from all of these great partners and friends – there's no way we would have gotten this far without authentically working through problems and challenges side by side.

While we are sad to say goodbye to our transportation partners on the day-to-day, we hope they know they will always be a part of the CoLane story. We are grateful for the support from our team, investors, and industry friends as we gear up for this next chapter.

While the sunset is near, we are looking forward to tomorrow, and finding focus.

Parker Holcomb

Founder & CEO

Parker is the Founder and CEO of CoLane. He is passionate about technology, logistics, breakfast tacos, and of course, Marlow.