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CoLane to Demo at Transparency19

CoLane (formerly Fraight AI), a technology-enabled freight brokerage, has been invited to demo at the Transparency19 Conference on May 6th in Atlanta. CoLane will be presenting in the Second Block at approximately 2pm. The demo will be recorded and made available to the public following the event.

The annual event, hosted by the trade publication FreightWaves, will focus on innovations transforming the freight industry, such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, IoT, telematics and data.

“This is our public debut — our first public demo — to more than 1,000 attendees,” said Parker Holcomb, CoLane’s CEO. “FreightWaves has brought together leaders in the freight, technology, and investor communities which made it the clear choice for us to share what we are building.”

CoLane is building technology that increases the efficiency of their sales + operations teams. For instance, the company is building a virtual assistant, named Archie, to stay focused on all the boring, repetitive actions and surface problems to the team only when necessary. Archie can handle continuous communications with tens of thousands of parties, including drivers, at a time. These communications occur via email, text and even fax, which remains a common tool in the trucking industry, without drivers ever knowing the transaction is automated. Archie allows the Fraight team to stay focused on higher leverage activities.

“The biggest problem in automation has been waiting for transportation to learn how to speak technology,” Holcomb said. “While there's some progress, it is a massive industry and we’re impatient. Instead of waiting, we’re teaching technology how to speak transportation.”

CoLane’s technology is designed to learn its customers’ shipping needs and then surface both insights and problems. For instance, Archie stays in constant contact with all parties involved to ensure drivers will arrive on time; if he senses a problem Archie can automatically book another driver to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible.

Such automation will not require adopting new system or downloading more apps.

Holcomb added, “In a world where websites and apps are trying to catch up, Archie moves you forward.”

About CoLane

CoLane is the modern day freight broker. We automate the discovery and coordination of full truckload carriers for enterprise customers that ship consistent volume on dedicated lanes. As an artificial intelligence company, data and pattern-recognition are at our core, enabling our team to provide visibility on everything from load location to strategic insights. CoLane adapts to your team’s workflow, delivering the benefits of technology to your inbox or phone without the pains of new systems.

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CoLane is the modern day truckload carrier. We deliver Quality, Consistency, and Transparency for Enterprise.