• Leadership from the Front

    During my senior year of college, my new lacrosse coach arrived with an approach he called “leadership from the front.” For one of his many lessons on the topic, he brought in a former Marine who spoke of the need to experience the roles of the people he was leading.
  • The Origins of CoLane Interview

    CEO Parker Holcomb visits with TastyTrade's Kristi Ross to discuss his background, previous businesses, and what lead to founding of the first AI powered freight brokerage.
  • AI in Trucking

    [CoLane CEO Parker Holcomb] likens it to how ride-hailing pioneer Uber didn’t invent mobile apps or location-based services such as GPS, but was enabled by the convergence of those technologies. “We didn’t invent natural language processing but we are enabled by the current toolkit,” Holcomb said.